3 EASY Steps to Donate

Box or Bag: Household items, clothing and shoes support your local school one pick up at a time.

Text or Call (877) 438-4567

Step 1:

Submit information for pick up

Schedule Online
Text or Call (877) 438-4567

Step 2: Pack items

Please make sure you pack up your items properly into bags or small boxes.

It is important that you take in consideration what type of items are acceptable to donate.

Click on the green button for a full list of acceptable and non-acceptable items.

Acceptable Items

Step 3: Pick up Day

On your scheduled pickup day, please place your items near your front door with visibility from the street.
You do not need to meet our driver on pick up day. If you live in a community, notify your gate attendant that a driver from Pick ups for Schools will be coming.

Every bag makes a big difference!

Thank you for your support.